Feeding the Pineapple Obsession: Oahu’s Dole Plantation with Kids

With a serious pineapple loving little boy on our hands, it would have been cruel of us not to visit the Dole Plantation during our recent visit to Oahu.  Bergen (3-years old) cannot get enough of the stuff.  In fact the other day when I ordered a pineapple-flavored soda at the Mexican restaurant we were dining at, he cried when the drink arrived as (we soon found out) he was expecting a plate of actual pineapple!

We planned for a morning visit, and thanks the resident alarm clocks surrounding our vacation rental, it wasn’t at all difficult to get ourselves there right as they opened their doors to at least try to avoid some of the inevitable crowds.  The plantation is located in the town of Wahiawa, which in Oahu’s central valley, about a 40 minute drive from Honolulu, but only 10 minutes or so from our base in Haleiwa on the North Shore.

Truly trying to make the experience all about Bergen, we wasted no time dawdling around, and purchased our tickets for the pineapple train right away.  Pineapples and trains: What more could a little boy ask for?

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Flying While Pregnant: Ideas on Staying Comfortable in Flight

Baby #2 is coming! Believe it or not (that’s me talking to myself) in just a few short weeks, we will be welcoming our second little adventurer into the world.  He or she has already been coming along on quite a few journeys, and has probably logged more miles than Bergen (now 3 years old) when I was pregnant with him.  We believe in the importance of traveling as a family, and more than ever we felt it was essential to build that bond as a family of 3 before adding another member.

I flew several times during the pregnancy, but it was on our last trip, a week in Oahu at about 28 weeks, that I really took notice and reflected on some best practices for air travel while pregnant.  Considering that I’ve had more discomfort during this pregnancy, I was somewhat anxious for how this last set of flights would go.  Not worried enough, of course to be alarmed or call anything off, but cautious.

In the end, I didn’t have much to worry about as the flights to and from Oahu went smoothly.  With a few implementations and considerations, I was comfortable, and the experience wasn’t too far from flying without a mini “passenger”:

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Walk and Fly Along the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail: Long Beach, WA

While on a mini getaway in Long Beach, Washington this past summer in celebration of our 5-year wedding anniversary, coupled with our little guy’s 3rd birthday, we found that the town is great for walking.

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Surviving the Dark and Rainy Days: Tips for Getting Outside + Enjoying it!

Surviving the Dark and Rainy Days: Tips for Getting Outside + Enjoying it! | WildTalesof.com

It doesn’t always seem like the logical choice, but these days we are working hard not to let the rain and lack of daylight stop us from our usual afternoon walks and adventures.  After all, the boy needs to get his energy out, the dog’s gotta go, and we all need our exercise.  I fully admit that it’s hard, and sometimes a struggle. I’m discouraged when I realize we are quickly kissing the sun goodbye at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.   And yes, its sometimes a drag to spend all that time suiting up to protect against the cold and the rain. But the thing is, we can’t be limited to indoor play when its… Continue reading

Family Travel in Barcelona: 5 Kid Friendly Sights

Our life of travel and adventure spans back much further than the start of the “Wild Tales of…” blog.  Yes, before Bergen (3 years old) and Baby #2 came along, countless miles on the road were logged around the United States and in many international destinations.

One of the most noteworthy occurred right at the time my husband, Slaed and I met.  Slaed took a hiatus from his regular Seattle life and moved to Barcelona, Spain for 6 months.  During his time there and thanks to several trips previous, he became quite the expert on the city.  While kids of his own were barely on his radar then, two of his best friends, and a huge reason for his Spanish travels, had young families, and he often tagged along on their outings.

I thought it would be fun to pick his brain and learn about the place he called home for a short while. First, our suggestions for accommodations:

Where to Stay

  • “El Born”: This “old city” district features family friendly hotels and lodging and is close to the Parc de la Ciutadella.
  • “Barri Gotic”: The oldest area in the city and where Slaed called home for his 6-month stay, this is the central district of Barcelona and also has plenty of family friendly accommodations.

If you are ready to start researching possible lodging options, try using the hotel, B&B & apartment rental site, Venere. You’ll find it easy to search based on budget, landmark proximity and city areas, and ratings by reviewers.

Now for what to see and do! Together we came up with our top 5 (in no particular order) sights and activities for families to enjoy while visiting this unique and historic city.

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Quick Escape to Hope, BC: 4 Fun Little Adventures

Our consistently rainy, gray days have returned here in Seattle, and I’m reminded of a quick weekend trip we had last spring.

We were in need of a getaway and wanted Bergen to finally get the chance to use his passport, so we headed north to Hope, British Columbia.  We could have gone with the more obvious choice of Vancouver (or there abouts), but we were not only looking for a change of scenery.  We also wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle, and weren’t at all interested in crowded border crossings.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate as much as we had hoped.  It Rained.  Continuously.  Really.  It rained during our entire visit.  The skies never let up, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from exploring.  We armed ourselves with raincoats, rainsuits, hats, and boots, and braved the elements.  Thanks to some cozy spots to eat in town, we were always able to get a break to warm-up and refuel, and as for the outdoors, we managed 4 fun little adventures:

Chainsaw Carving Tour

Their mission to become a chainsaw carving capitol started in 1991, and now Hope has over 50 chainsaw carvings throughout their community.  Of course each one has its own unique story, significance, and style.  From mystical creatures to wildlife to pieces of local past, these carvings captured our attention, made us laugh, and even taught us a little bit about what makes the town of Hope tick.

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Visiting Pearl Harbor with Young Children: 5 Helpful Tips

Historical sites with Kids.  Important, right? How about young children though? Should visiting still be a priority?

In planning our recent trip to Oahu, a visit to Pearl Harbor was a must.  With so much to see in the world, we’re not always sure about return trips to far away places.  I didn’t want to miss my opportunity to take in such a significant piece of American history just because my child may be on the younger side of benefiting from and understanding the experience.

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