Seattle’s Georgetown Neighborhood with Kids

If we’re not traveling somewhere for the weekend, chances are we’re still finding time to get out and explore even if it’s “in our own backyard”.  One of the ways we do that is by visiting other neighborhoods around Seattle.  We may not go far, but these mini-adventures nourish our wandering spirits.  Georgetown is one of our go-to places when we are looking for a change of pace.

Georgetown is located about 10 minutes south of downtown Seattle, and is know for its grittiness, quirkiness, and all around creative vibe.  The neighborhood now boasts several breweries, lots of family friendly eateries, and so many fun and unique shopping/browsing experiences from a trailer park mall to a handful of antique shops and galleries. Keep reading to find out some of our favorites!

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Easy Backyard Activity: Build a Mini Rockery

I’m so excited to share on of our latest backyard producers of fun and enjoyment! We have a love-hate relationship with our yard, but it seems as though love is winning the more time we spend back there, and the more energy (and money) we put into making it nice.

The hate comes from the fact that it’s A LOT of work! Mowing, trimming, weeding, watering, and praying for the grass to grow into the bare patches of lawn all takes up a great deal of time.  We also have a kiwi tree (yes, in Seattle), which grows out of control every summer, that we have to work to control and maintain.

This spring though it just feels different.  It feels as though our hard work is paying off, and we are seeing the beauty of having a small patch of green earth that we can spend time in and relax in as a family.

I’m hoping our Bergen (our 4.5 year old) will feel the same way, so in order to create an additional play space for him, we took some time on a recent afternoon to make a mini-rockery together.  We both saw the project in Dawn Isaac’s book, “101 Things for Kids to Do Outside“, and were really drawn to the idea.

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5 Reasons Why Kids Need Swim Lessons

May is National Water Safety month, so in partnership with the British Swim School, where Bergen (4 years) and Georgia (16 months) have been enrolled in lessons for the past month, I’m excited to be bringing you 5 reasons why we feel that swim lessons are not only important, but a necessary life skill!

For more information on our experience at British Swim School, and a few tips about how to keep your kids safe, be sure to reference our previous two posts in this 3-part series on water safety:

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Biking with Kids: Transition from Balance Bike to Pedal Bike

As you may have heard in my recent Spring Bucket List post or from our instagram and facebook updates, WE HAVE A NEW BIKE RIDER in the family! Yes, in just a matter of a couple of weeks Bergen (our 4-year old) has mastered pedal bike riding, and is now riding his bike to school, riding on our daily afternoon walks (up to 3.5 miles), and just generally having fun tooling around the neighborhood!

Now that we are on the other side of it, I will say that the transition from balance bike to pedal bike is fairly quick and easy.  But at the same time, I want everyone to understand that the transition for our child did not happen overnight, and it didn’t happen without a lot of hard work and practice, and unfortunately a few tears.

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Savoring the Season with a Spring Bucket List

Now that the real spring weather has returned to Seattle, and we are back to mild temperatures after a bout of hot weather, it’s time for us to get cracking on our spring bucket list! If you aren’t familiar with our seasonal bucket lists, here’s the scoop: Each season, we create a list of about 10 fun adventures or projects that are specific to the season.

We dig through our favorite nature books, think about our favorite happenings of that particular season, and look at our calendars as a way of being more intentional with our time and to take advantage of the best things that nature has for us. To learn more, check out our summer, fall & winter bucket lists.

Here’s our 2016 Spring Bucket List in no particular order!

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3 Things We Love about British Swim School

As I mentioned in my first post about the British Swim School 2 weeks ago, Bergen (4.5 years) and Georgia (16 months) are enrolled in lessons at one of their franchises here in the Seattle area.  The company offers lessons starting with babies (must be at least 3 months of age), and all the way up into adulthood.  Classes for children are divided by skill level with certain criteria allowing them to move on to the next program.

Bergen is working on working on introductory skills and learning basic survival techniques as a “Minnow”, and Georgia is just getting started and introduced to water in the parent-child “Tadpole” class.  While it took Georgia a couple of lessons to warm-up to having fun in the pool, I’m happy to say that they are both now thoroughly enjoying their swim lesson experience.

As a parent (and participant with Georgia), I’ve been so impressed with the format of the lessons and the skill and dedication of the teachers.  I took some time to reflect on exactly what I love most about the British Swim School, and I’m sharing here in hopes that it might help you learn more about the organization in case you’re looking for lessons for your own kids!

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