Visiting Helena, Montana with Kids

Helena, Montana was supposed to be a resting place in our 12-day Idaho-Montana road trip.  A “lull” of sorts between our lake adventures at Flathead and our high country explorations in Red Lodge.  Instead, we ended up doing and seeing a lot in Helena because as we researched prior to the trip, and as we talked with friends about the small capital city, the more we wanted to experience.

I absolutely adore this town appreciating it’s history, charm, and family friendliness. The hospitality that I’ve grown to expect (and respect) in Montana shined through from the hotel to dining establishments, and all the activities we participated in in-between. I can’t wait to get back and experience more!

Things to Do when Visiting Helena, Montana with Kids

Last Chance Gulch (Helena’s Walking Mall)

Taking a wander up and down this outdoor walking mall was the first thing we did when we arrived in Helena.  After our the drive from Flathead Lake, it gave everyone the opportunity to stretch their legs, and jump right into learning about the town’s history.  Last Chance Gulch was where gold was first discovered in Helena in 1864.  Unique local shops and restaurants line walkway that runs from 6th Avenue to Broadway with statues, interactive displays, and historical bits and pieces to admire and learn from along the way.

Visiting Helena, Montana with Kids |


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Record those Adventures: Nikki McClure’s Grow Journals

Record those Adventures: Nikki McClure's Grow Journals |

When Bergen (now almost 4 years old) was a baby I had intentions of regularly recording in his baby book.  For whatever reason, while he has some information in that first book, it just wasn’t something that I did a great job of keeping up with. [Read more…]

Pursue Meaningful Adventures +News and Inspiration//3

"Pursue Meaningful Adventures" |


  • We’re back from our big road trip through Idaho and Montana! I wrote up a quick overview of our 12-day, 5 destination trip earlier this week.  Also check the #wildtalesofIDMT hashtag on instagram for all the fun snapshots from our adventure.
  • Next up as far as big travel adventures is a visit to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in early September.  Where are you traveling next?
  • Which U.S. state do you think is the best state to travel to with kids? Check out our contribution to Where’s Sharon’s round-up of the best states to visit with kids.


  • We’re big on walking in our family.  In fact, we just tracked a walk we did around Missoula & realized we traveled almost 7 miles on foot (Bergen included)! Turns out there are tons of benefits besides the obvious (exercise).
  • 3 areas in the U.S. have now been declared the country’s newest National Monuments.
  • “Who needs a playground when you have an acorn?” Yup, I definitely connected with this article from the Washington Post on the power of an acorn.
  • We’re planning a trip to Vancouver Island for next February.  Have you traveled to Victoria?

What’s been the highlight of your summer so far?

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Red Lodge, Montana Adventures: Beartooth Highway

On our first full day in town, our friends and Red Lodge hosts had quite the adventure up their sleeves! Luckily they prepped us with a hardy breakfast complete with stacks of fluffy pancakes, fresh fruit, and their family tradition of little smokies.

Then we filed into our car and followed wondering what we might be getting into.  As we began to climb higher into the mountains after driving just a few minutes out of town, Slaed got his bearings.   He realized that we were traveling through the Beartooth Highway, arguably one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the states.

Red Lodge is located in south-central Montana about an hour from Billings.  We had the pleasure of staying with dear friends in their family cabin for a few days as part of our 12-day Idaho-Montana road trip.

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Please Don’t Feed the Wildlife!

A fed animal is a dead animal.


Don’t Feed the Animals!


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