Luxury Apartment Rental for Families: Vancouver, BC

When your 18-month old takes her first independent steps in a place, you won’t soon forget it! Yes, as I think I’ve mentioned on the blog what seems like at least a dozen times, Georgia figured out the whole walking gig at our apartment rental in Vancouver, BC.  When we arrived at the rental in Vancouver’s Crosstown district, I started to settle in.  The boys were off getting the rest of our luggage, and while I should have been unpacking and organizing a bit, I was distracted by more important matters: figuring out the wifi password and brewing a cup of coffee in the Keurig!

Out of the corner of my eye though, I noticed something unusual.  Instead of her typical crawling and knee walking, Georgia was launching herself from the coffee table and cozy white couch, and as her big brother would say, when he finally got back from unloading the car, “walking all over the place!”

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Lassoing the Sun: Book Review+Video

With the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service coming up in August, I wanted to share a book recommendation, Lassoing the Sun: A Year in America’s National Parks, that will not only help you learn more about the system that began on August 25, 1916 with 35 parks and monuments, but also give you the chance to really appreciate what we have set aside for our future.

Lassoing the Sun: A Year in America’s National Parks by Mark Woods is a memoir of the author’s year long journey traveling, exploring, learning and asking important questioins about at least one national park per month.  He received an award through the Eugene C. Pilliam Fellowship in order to do so, and began the project on New Year’s day in Acadia National Park where the first rays of sun shine on the United States.

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Best Baby Travel Gear: Easier, More Manageable Trips with the Youngest Adventurers

Now that our youngest is slowly but surely heading out of the baby stage, and into toddlerdom, I thought it would be appropriate to share our picks for the best baby travel gear.  We’ve thought through our routines and travel practices, and chosen the items that make travel with a baby easier, more manageable, and just generally possible!

Just as in “regular” life, travels styles are personal, so I won’t be going on and on sharing every little thing we pack for travel with a baby.  Instead, I’ve chosen some of the essentials or “biggies” to think about when considering a trek with your tiny companion.

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14 Kid Friendly Hikes Near Seattle

Of course we love adventure.  Of course we love travel.  And of course we love getting out for a hike.  With two little kids though, who both still nap, and prefer to do so in their own beds at home, we can’t always venture too far.  Since Bergen was a wee toddler, I’ve researched, investigated, and explored kid friendly hikes near Seattle (in or at least with in an hour’s drive of the city).

What’s considered “kid friendly”?

  • Low mileage: Most of these hikes are 3 miles or less. Some much less, and many with opportunities to add more if little legs allow.
  • Exciting features: lakes, waterfalls, view points, story boards, bridges, etc. to help peak interest and motivate
  • Mostly flat: Too many hills and inclines can bring out the whines (at least in my young hiker)!

Here you’ll find 14 of our favorite kid friendly hikes in or near Seattle.  It is in no way an exhausted list, and I hope to add to it in the future.  Make sure to click on the hike’s title for either a more detailed trip report from our site or another trusted resource like the Washington Trails Association (WTA).

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Travel Vlog: Sea to Sky Gondola with Kids

Before settling into our rental condo in Vancouver, BC over the 4th of July weekend, we bypassed the city and continued north to the Sea to Sky Gondola.  We worked in Georgia’s (our 18-month old) afternoon nap to occur right after crossing the US-Canada border (luckily she cooperated!) so we needed to continue driving to fill her sleep tank before a big afternoon and evening of exploring.

The Sea to Sky Gondola is located in Squamish, BC, about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler.  The gondola opened in 2014, and takes visitors from “sea level” at the Howe Sound to “sky level” at their Summit House in the mountains above.

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When Your 18-month old Doesn’t Walk +Celebrating Milestones with The Patchery

As active as our family is, I must admit that it came to a surprise, and of course was concerning, that our little girl was not reaching gross motor milestones (sitting up, crawling, standing) at the same rate as her average peers.  We were especially worried when at her 18-month check up with the pediatrician, we had to report that she wasn’t yet walking.

“You must be carrying her too much” was what many bystanders would reason.  Since she is our second child, some thought we held her more, and thus impeded her development  We were moving at Bergen’s (now 4.5 years) pace rather than allowing Georgia the chance to move on her own.

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